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Health Care and National Development in Taiwan

John R. Watt, Ph.D.—Editor, Historian

ABMAC Foundation Announces the Publication of a Comprehensive History of Post-War Achievement in Health Services in Taiwan

       Documenting Our History ...
                                    Advancing Our Ideas ...


Table of Contents  (Click to View)

General Introduction and Acknowledgements

I. From Contagious Disease to Epidemiological Transition: 1937 and before, to 1965. Pioneers in the Creation of Modern Health Services in Taiwan.

II. Transition to Long-term Health Care: 1965- 1985. Shifts and Developments in the Role of American Assistance.

III. Health Care for a Newly Industrialized Country: 1986-2000. New Achievements, New Problems.

Appendices with profiles of ABMAC’s leadership

A beautiful photographic collection of historic ABMAC images



List of Authors:


Judith C. Ahronheim

Scott B. Halstead

Richard N. Pierson, Jr.

Donald Armstrong

Wei Han

Paul L. Selbst

George E. Armstrong

Shih-chu Hsu

Granville H. Sewell

Ivan L. Bennett, Jr.

Chin-t’ang Huang

Tsungming Tu

Gerald Blandford

Kun-yen Huang

Gerard M. Turino

Harrison G. Bloom

George H. Humphreys, II

Yi-wen Wan

Patricia A. Bloom

Walter H. Judd

Dorothy C. Wang

Nancy Chang

Betty L. King

Mamie K. Wang

Po-ya Chang

Yung-mao Liu

John R. Watt

Shu-hua Chiang

Tzuhuan Lo

Huo-yao Wei

Yu-mei Yu Chao

Michael D. Malison

Cheng-wen Wu

Yueh-chih Chen

Claire B. Panosian

Sze-piao Yang

Evelyn Gioiella

Hope Phillips

Shu Yeh

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